Dog Pretends To Limp So He Can Be Carried Up The Stairs

Dog Pretends To Limp So He Can Be Carried Up The Stairs

Titan joined his family last August after being adopted from the Furry Friends Animal Refuge in Iowa. Since then, Titan and his family have enjoyed adjusting to their new family setup.

Despite the health issues, including a mild hip dysplasia, allergies, and chronic ear ulcers, Titan is considered to be most amiable and loving, yet also very stubborn. He loves long walks and greets everyone he meets, especially chubby and friendly babies.

Titan’s stubbornness manifests during strolls when he’d stop and not budge until they go his preferred way. They have had frequent standoffs in the past as Titan loves gazing at passing cars and people. He hates it when their strolls end and tries to prolong them for as long as he can.

According to his dad, Titan goes on a walk as though he has never done it in his entire life. Recently, the family discovered that their seven-year-old dog is also averse to staircases. The first time Titan climbed up the stairs, he fell back, raising his paw with a pained expression. Thinking it was his hip, they carried him up instead.

Since then, whenever there’s a staircase, Titan would persuade his parents to carry him, even faking a limp just so they would oblige. When they put him down, Titan would run energetically as usual.

Amused at his antic, Titan’s parents said they just want Titan to be comfortable and don’t mind carrying him.

Images & Feature Image Source: Natalie Bretey

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