Dog Reacts Heartwarmingly To His Late Brother’s Portrait

Dog Reacts Heartwarmingly To His Late Brother’s Portrait

It was a month ago when Libby Davey’s loving old dog named, Smiff, crossed over to the rainbow bridge. As a way to commemorate his beloved canine, Davey decided to commission a painting of Smiff, sitting on the floor, and hang it by the door of her house. This way, she gets to see him all the time.

To Davey’s surprise, Frank, her other dog and Smiff’s brother, instantly reacted as soon as he saw Smiff’s painting which Davey just hanged. At first, Frank kept staring at his late sibling’s portrait for several seconds, while he whimpered, barked, and paced back and forth toward it, wagging his tail.

As seen on Davey’s posted video, Frank appeared to be communicating with his brother’s portrait while staring at it. After a while, Frank decided to get closer by going up the couch, which was situated close to the painting. Davey recounts the heartwarming moment and believes that Frank had instantly recognized his brother’s photograph.

She said that although her late dog’s spirit has long departed, Smiff had not entirely left in so many ways. This is evidenced in Frank’s response to the portrait and while Davey and Frank can no longer have Smiff back in the flesh, it is certain that the late dog’s memories will continue to live and be cherished by them for as long as they live.

To Davey, a fine dog such as Smiff ought not to be forgotten.

Feature Image Source: Tina Muir

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