Dog Refuses To Leave A Woman's Patio Chair Until He Was Adopted

Dog Refuses To Leave A Woman's Patio Chair Until He Was Adopted

A surprise visitor showed up at Amy Haden’s back patio, found himself a chair to sit on, got comfortable, and decided he was not going anywhere else afterward. The surprise visitor is an adorable dog who now goes by Walker.

Each morning, when Haden was leaving for work, she would see him sitting there. Whenever she came home later in the day, he was also there.

She made inquiries with her neighbors and was informed that they had seen the dog around for some time, and it appeared like he did not have a home. So Haden decided to help him by taking him into her home while trying to locate his home, if at he had one.

Haden decided to try using social media and posted about him on social media, hoping something might turn up. However, nothing tangible came out of it. She went further also to have him scanned by a veterinarian for a chip, but there was none on him.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find his home, Haden named the dog Walker and continued caring for him and her other dogs. Though adorable, Walker didn’t get along well with the other dogs. So, Haden started looking for a more suitable home for him.

She later found an old lady who said she had been praying for a sweet dog like Walker.

Image Credit: YouTube / GMA

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