Dog Rescued From Abuse Becomes Woman's Best Friend

Dog Rescued From Abuse Becomes Woman's Best Friend

A woman from Los Angeles, California, has anonymously shared a story of how she adopted an abused rescue dog and bonded with him. We will name the woman Lucy in this article for easy narration.

Lucy saw an advertisement about a five-pound underweight Chihuahua mix with huge ears and big scared eyes. She set a meeting, went to see him, and adopted him. Although the dog was scared of her when she first picked him up, she was able to earn his trust on their drive home using hamburgers and fries.

Lucy named the dog Simon, and he quickly became her companion.

Simon loved wearing clothes and would beg his mom to wear his hoodies. His favorite treat was cheese, and he often jumped around at its sight. He also enjoyed being kissed on his nose.

When Lucy moved from Nashville to Los Angeles, she brought Simon along. The dog didn’t have trouble adapting to being a city dog in no time. Lucy described Simon as “Loyal and loving,” adding that he was her best friend.

Sadly, Simon was diagnosed with congestive heart failure when he was 13. He went on to live for two more years before crossing the rainbow bridge, leaving his mom heartbroken and devastated.

Lucy says she hopes he is among the stars now, eating cheese and being loved by others there.

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