Dog Rescued From Indonesian Slaughterhouse Is Recovering

Dog Rescued From Indonesian Slaughterhouse Is Recovering

Slaughterhouses are still common in some places around the world, and many dogs have to suffer because of them. Even if the dogs from slaughterhouses are rescued, they still have to go through a long recovery process until they are fully healthy again.

At the beginning of December, Robby was rescued from an Indonesian slaughterhouse. This is part of the country’s crackdown on operations like this one. In this process, authorities also arrested the man who had been controlling the country’s trade for the past 20 years. In total, they managed to rescue 53 dogs, though one passed away before the rescuers could get him the help he needed.

Lola Webster made a video raising funds for the Humane Society in which she went over the situations these dogs are in right now. She explained that dogs like Robby need a lot of time to adjust to a normal life again. After going through such a traumatic situation, these dogs are scared and most of them suffer from PTSD. They are also injured and sick when they arrive at the rescue, and they need a lot of attention to get healthy again.

Fortunately, Robby is being taken care of, both physically and mentally, and he has already shown that he wants attention and cuddles from people. Even though Robby has come a long way since he was rescued, he still needs a lot of time to make a full recovery. But, with the attention and love of the volunteers, he will get his chance at a second life.

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