Dog Runs Away From Home And Finds An Unusual Friend In The Woods!

Some of us have felt the terrible feeling of having our beloved dog run away. With our hearts beating in our throat, we frantically call everybody we know and start a panicked search for our most loved companions.

Thoughts race through our minds and we find ourselves imagining the worst case scenarios, where our dogs are laying out in a field hurt and alone. But this most definitely is not necessarily the case, and one particular dog parent has been through this herself. Husky Cody stays with his mom, Rachel, in Canada.

One evening, Rachel came home and found her worst nightmare to be true. Cody was nowhere to be found. She searched the woods around her house for days, but still no Cody. Still heartbroken and worried Rachel waited patiently for any news, but she knew in her heart that Cody is a clever dog and would manage to find his way to safety.

Eventually, after a few days had passed, Cody returned back home unharmed and in good health, and Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. Wondering where Cody went and what he got up to, Rachel reached out to her neighbors to find out if anybody had any information that could help.

One neighboured had a camera trap and offered video footage to her. What she found was astounding. There, in the woods, was Cody befriending a deer. Yes, a deer! The two of them had become buddies and spent a few days roaming the woods before Cody returned home. A truly unexpected observation!

The gut-wrenching news of Cody running away is that which some of us are familiar with, but it also reminds us not to always imagine the worst. Sometimes our dogs do peculiar things, and we can still love them for that!

Images & Feature Image Source: Facebook

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