Dog Sees Squirrels In Her TV, And Instantly Freaks Out!

Dog Sees Squirrels In Her TV, And Instantly Freaks Out!

For many dogs, squirrel hunting is a part of their normal routines. Whether that is keeping them from the yard, or making sure they’re not on the trees, chasing squirrels is a normal pastime.

For Stella, who is a golden retriever, chow chow mix, she takes this job very seriously. Her mom Bronwyn Crawford says that Stella’s favorite thing to do is watch the squirrels and monitor their lawn. In the winter, Stella doesn’t get to spend much time outside and the squirrels will stay hidden, leaving her bored and playing inside.

During this time, Stella’s parents decided to keep her entertained. Bronwyn used their TV and streamed a youtube clip through it. To Stella’s surprise, it was a video clip of a squirrel running through the forest and looking for nuts.

Stella was visibly shocked and quickly entertained.

Her parents said that they have never seen her that focused. Stella sat there for an hour and watched the squirrels on TV, and will even switch to an Ipad on the floor if the TV isn’t on.

Sometimes, Stella’s parents even let her bring the Ipad to bed and watch the squirrels until she falls asleep. Ever since then, during the winter months, Stella’s parents play this video and watch her priceless reaction. Stella’s mom took a video and posted it later that day, stirring up much attention.

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Everyone seemed to love Stella’s reaction and the fact that she is always on the hunt for squirrels. Now, Stella has an endless job to do when it comes to squirrels throughout the summer, and even in the winter!


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