Dog Stops Mom From Going To Wuhan By Destroying Her Passport!

Our four-legged family members save our lives on a regular basis. We come across articles on a regular basis about all sorts of acts of loyalty, be it the saving of drowning child or running to a neighbour when a pup-parent is hurt.

Our canine companions can prevent us from getting hurt in ways that we do not necessarily understand, and the story of a very special Golden Retriever reminds us once again that these acts are for our greater good!

In Taiwan, the proud parent of Kimi the Golden Retriever was planning a trip to Wuhan, China. After her bags were packed, the last thing on her list was, of course, her passport. After searching and searching, the passport was eventually found, but in the paws of Kimi!

Kimi had taken it upon herself to chew the passport to the point that it could not be used, and the trip was canceled. A little while later, Wuhan became the hub and hotspot for the novel coronavirus, now well-known as a potentially lethal virus.

Kimi had in fact, saved the life of her caregiver, having us all wondering whether she knew something we did not!

Our loyal dogs have so many phenomenal abilities, from sniffing bombs to detecting illnesses. But the story of Kimi is unlike most. Perhaps it is that she sensed unforeseen danger, or perhaps it was just pure luck. Be it as it may, Kimi is an example of how important it is to cherish every moment with our dogs!

Images & Feature Image Source: kimi0611

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