Dog, Thought To Have Run Away From Home, Rescued From Sewer

Dog, Thought To Have Run Away From Home, Rescued From Sewer

A small dog, who was believed by his family to have run away from home, was heard barking from the sewer by a neighbor who was, then, walking her dog early that morning.

The said neighbor, then, reported the incident to the Black Jack Fire Department who worked hand-in-hand with the Louis County Police Department to locate and retrieve the missing dog.

In an Instagram post by the St. Louis County Police Department, one of the North County officers is shown going out of the manhole holding the tiny brown dog and handing him to another officer who was waiting at the end to receive the missing pup.

The Instagram update capitalized on the incident’s happy ending, recounting how the rescued canine, thought to have fled from his home, had actually spent the night at the sewer, until he was heard calling for help.

The police department’s Instagram post ended with how relieved and happy their officers were at successfully retrieving the missing pup and reuniting him with his family.

This update earned several positive comments from the department’s followers, who congratulated the officers for heeding the call for help and for their successful recovery with the Black Jack Fire Department.

In a subsequent post, the lucky pup is also shown as being held by a young boy and assisted by a smiling older gentleman who, although unidentified in the said update, appear to be the rescued dog’s family.

Images & Feature Image Source: St. Louis County Police Department

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