Dog Trainer Shares How To Tell If Your Dog Trusts You

Dog Trainer Shares How To Tell If Your Dog Trusts You

Establishing trust is an important part of your relationship with your dog. Every relationship is different and for some, it may happen right away. In the case of rescues or traumatized dogs, it may take some time. You must be patient and willing to do things on your dog’s schedule.

Your dog will let you know when he/she trusts you, but you’re not going to get it in a sentence. There will be some signs that you should look out for. Here are 7 of the most common signs dogs give their owners to show them that they trust them completely:

They look to you for assistance or come to you for help

Dogs are smart animals and sometimes prefer to figure things out on their own. But, if they have a parent they know they can trust and depend on, they will not hesitate to engage you or look to you for assistance.

They seem to want to learn or experience new things

Dogs live in a world that caters to humans. It can be pretty scary, especially with the loud sounds, strange smells, and large buildings. They are often hesitant, but if your dog seems ready to explore when you are around, it means he/she feels safe with you around.

He/she doesn’t appear hesitant or avoidant

When dogs are scared, you can tell by how their body language conveys hesitance or avoidance. If your dog seems relaxed, it’s because he/she trusts you.

Your dog listens to you in stressful or exciting events or environments

Does your dog calm down when you talk to him/her or pet him/her in stressful situations like being at the vet, or during a car ride? That’s a sign of trust.

Your dog is always near you and is cuddly or affectionate

Dogs with cuddly or affectionate personalities who trust their owners are always beside or underneath their owners. They may even allow you to do things other people cannot.

You comfort your dog when he/she is scared or uncomfortable

Many dogs are scared of loud sounds such as fireworks or thunderstorms. If your dog seeks you out during these times, it’s the ultimate sign of trust.

Your dog communicates with you

Even though we can’t understand doggy language, dogs who whine and bark at us at any hour of the day are often trying to communicate something to us. They do this because they believe you will try to understand what is happening and you will fix it.

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