Dog Who Got Stood Up By Potential Adopter Needs A Little Cheering Up

Dog Who Got Stood Up By Potential Adopter Needs A Little Cheering Up

Adopting a dog is always a great option, but only if you are going to follow through. Many adoption centers will allow potential owners to meet with their chosen dogs multiple times, and then choose a date for adoption.

Most of the time, the future dog parents will follow through, whereas other times this isn’t the case. For Jack, who is a 9-month-old rescue bulldog, dealt with a no-show first hand. After a few weeks of play dates and visits, the adoption day for Jack finally came. Unfortunately, the future dog parent never came to take him home.

Jack has a disease called spina bifida which affects his motor skills. He also wears a diaper to prevent accidents, but besides this, he is a healthy puppy. The only thing that Jack is missing is a loving family. At first, the shelter and Jack thought that he found the ones, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

After Jack was left waiting, the shelter decided to cheer him up. Those who found out about Jack’s “ghosting” came together and bought him plenty of toys and treats. Jack gained many supporters around the globe, and they all tried to make him feel a bit better. After around 600 inquiries and 200 applications, Jack was back on everyone’s minds.

Because of the amount of interest he has stirred up, the shelter is still in search of his forever home. Jack will be meeting a few potential families very soon, and we hope that he finally gets the chance to be loved by the perfect family. For more information about Jack, please contact the Peaches Bully Rescue!

Images Source: Peaches Bully Rescue

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