Dog Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 In Charleston County Gets Euthanized

The onset of the global pandemic we are all familiar with, the novel coronavirus, has changed our lives and the way we go about what we do. It has not only changed our lives, but also the lives of our canine companions.

Their routines have also been altered and many of the lockdown regulations apply to them too. This is especially true as our devoted dogs can, in fact, contract the coronavirus. Although our furry-faced friends mostly do not show symptoms, they can spread it to each other as well as contract it from other dogs and humans. Just a mere few weeks ago, the first case of coronavirus in dogs was reported in Charleston county.

After a dog parent of a Shepherd mix canine companion had tested positive for the virus, a local vet decided to test the parent’s dog as a precautionary measure. The results came back positive. This four-legged family member came to the vet for another chronic condition which made the precious pooch quite ill. Even though the coronavirus is not what caused the illness, this poor Shepherd mix had to be put down. The coronavirus did not cause this death, but the message remains clear.

It certainly is possible for our canine companions to contract the virus from others and ourselves, so just as we protect our human family members, we should also protect our four-legged ones to the best of our ability! After all, they mean the world to us.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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