Dog Who Was Chained For 10 Years Finally Gets To Live A Happy Life

Dog Who Was Chained For 10 Years Finally Gets To Live A Happy Life

Many of us have seen images of dogs being chained up for hours on end. Not necessarily abused but chained up to keep them in one place. The chaining up of dogs has many side effects that can be seen once they are free.

For example, there is the inability to develop social skills with other types of animals, or fellow four-legged family members. As all dogs are unique in character, some of these chained pooches want to do nothing else except play, but their restricted movement does not allow this. As is the story of Ralph, or nicknamed pooch, Ralphie.

Dog mom, Charli, was walking by a home when she spotted Ralphie chained up in his yard. She approached him and saw this dog was nothing but a loving bundle of joy. She started playing with him and giving him cuddles, with the blessing of his “owners”. When she noticed he was in pain, Charli asked the owners if she could please adopt him and care for him. They agreed and Ralph was finally free.

Charli gives him all the love in the world, but because he is unsocialized, she has reached out for any family that is willing to take him in. He is such a well-behaved boy with a heart of gold. After being chained up for so many years he finally got the compassion and attention that he deserves! He loves to play, swim, fetch, and cuddle for hours on end. What a good boy indeed.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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