Dog Who Was Too Hurt To Be Touched Has A Happy Ending

Dog Who Was Too Hurt To Be Touched Has A Happy Ending

Even though the pictures that surfaced on the internet of a neglected border collie crushed our hearts, this story has a happy ending after all. This 4-year-old border collie, previously known as Kong, made an appearance online sending the internet into tears.

Kong suffered extreme neglect, a skin disease, and severe sunburns that were so bad, he couldn’t be touched.

After months of care, Kong was placed on the Border Collie Rescue and Rehab website, originating in Prosper, Texas. From there, countless potential dog parents looked through Kong’s file in hopes of adoption, but for Curtis Hartsell, this adorable friend stood out. Curtis got in touch with Kong’s foster parents and would ask for daily updates, feeling from the beginning that they were meant for each other.

After a few home visits and countless applications, Curtis and Kong got to meet for the first time. Upon adopting Kong into his family, Curtis then renamed him ZIB in honor of a famous soviet space dog. Now, ZIB couldn’t be happier in his new home with his new dad. Starting this journey from not even being able to be touched, to endless night time cuddles, ZIB and Curtis make the perfect pair.

In recent conversations with Curtis, he says that ZIB has improved his life more than he has improved ZIB’s, and feels much happier and more fulfilled. Sure, changing ZIB’s name signified a fresh new start, but now, being part of a loving home brings benefits that are endless.

Images & Feature Image Source: Curtis Hartsell

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