Dog With A Sad Past Gets A Second Chance To Be Happy!

In this cruel world, all of us deserve a second chance. Whether it’s a chance to right a wrong or a chance to be right done by. This is especially true for our canine companions.

So many of them are simply classed as ‘problems’ and subsequently neglected or euthanized. It really does not seem fair, especially when the dog is merely a victim of circumstances. Occasionally we read a feel-good story in the newspaper or on social media. This often has to do with a dog who found himself on the wrong side of the tracks for whatever reason, being rehomed and having a second chance at happiness. Take the case of one fortunate hound named Corks.

After suffering a traumatic accident (details of which were sketchy), Corks was left barely able to walk and in this pitiable condition, was found and taken to a place of safety. Unfortunately, the trauma he suffered was not only physical.

He was extremely wary of people and downright hostile to some. Imagine what went on in this poor fellow’s mind! The pain and suffering he went through must have canceled out any connection he could have felt towards humans.

Because of his state Corks was not high on the list of potential adoptees, nobody wanted to be saddled with a problem-dog. Luckily, there are still people with compassion and one-such lady decided to give Corks his second chance.

She took him home and with incredible patience and compassion was eventually able to teach him that he could indeed trust again!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Instagram/herro_mr_cutie

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