Dog With Severe Fracture Heals After Undergoing Surgery

Dog With Severe Fracture Heals After Undergoing Surgery

Seeing dogs suffer is quite disheartening. Our canine companions deserve much better, if not for anything, but their sweet and gentle souls. Sadly, stray dogs endure unimaginable suffering on the streets as they have no one to look after their well-being.

Generally, life is tough for stray dogs. However, it is much tougher for stray dogs living with an injury. Often, their injuries lead to major problems and complications that could cost them their lives. An injured stray may also be unwilling to accept help from people trying to rescue them and may lash out at their potential rescuers if they are in severe pain or feel threatened. Daisy, a 2-year-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix, was found with a serious injury.

Thankfully, rescuers didn’t have trouble reaching out to her and were able to take her to Vet Ranch for treatment.

Although she had a small body, she suffered a major fracture that wasn’t healing with a splint. The poor pup needed surgery to allow the vet to insert a metal plate into her leg that would help the injury heal properly.

The surgery was performed on her and was covered by the Abandoned Pet Project and Vet Ranch.

Daisy fully recovered in the coming weeks and is now a brand new dog.

Image Credit: YouTube

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