Doggy Wedding Crashers Make Appearance At Mountain Top Wedding

Doggy Wedding Crashers Make Appearance At Mountain Top Wedding

What’s a wedding without a little drama? Rachel Franco and Alexander Oyen thought they avoided that when they eloped in their self-solemnized ceremony on Flagstaff Mountain in Colorado.

According to their plan, it was just supposed to be them and their photographer, but these two furry rascals had different plans. It was sunrise, and the setting couldn’t be any more perfect. The mountain was still, then all of a sudden, Rachel noticed they were being watched.

They had just finished saying their vows to each other and shared their first kiss as a married couple. There, as she opened her eyes, sat a husky named Freya who was joined by her brother Bruno. The couple loved dogs so they weren’t bothered by the pair of wedding crashers who they saw as witnesses to their union. To them, it was as if the universe was giving their marriage a thumbs up. It was both hilarious and symbolic.

The dogs became a bit too comfortable and refused to leave even when their parents came to call them away. They even insisted on joining the wedding photos. She leaned against the bride’s legs and began sniffing her flowers and the train of her dress. Their presence even helped to relax the groom who had a fear of heights.

Even though this was unplanned, it made the moment even more special. They were happy for the unexpected guests and would not have had it any other way.

Images Credit: Cara Eliz Photo

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