Dog's Favorite Toy Gets Discontinued So Store Sends Him A Box Full Of Them!

Nothing is quite as disappointing when we go to the store and learn that one of our favorite items has been discontinued. Be it chocolate or item of clothing, seeing it disappear off the shelves is a great let down, especially when we were not expecting it.

This is the situation that Marley and his mom Hayley found themselves in, but they were graciously surprised by the company! One day, Hayley took Marley to the toy store for him to pick out something he likes himself. After sniffing about for some time, Marley took a liking to a strawberry toy and made it clear that this was what he wanted.

Hayley got the message loud and clear, and the two of them headed home with the soft strawberry. Marley loved his soft strawberry and played with it every day. After about a year, the strawberry had become worn out and it was time for Hayley to throw it out. Wanting to save it she held on to it for as long as possible, but when it was finally covered in mud it was time to chuck it out.

Hayley did so and immediately went to go buy a new one. When she got to the store she was heartbroken to find that the toy had been discontinued. She enquired around at stores to find the toy elsewhere.

After some time, a manager at one of the stores heard her story and said he would send two to her. Delighted, she thanked him and awaited the box. To her surprise (and of course Marley’s too) when the box came there were in fact twenty strawberry toys inside!

What a wonderful gift indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Hayley Martin

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