Dogs Get A Second Chance At Life With 'Save A Heart' Campaign

Dogs Get A Second Chance At Life With 'Save A Heart' Campaign

Heartworm is a fatal disease if left untreated. Despite being a common disease, overcrowded shelters often do not have the resources to treat affected pets. This harsh reality made The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities team up to launch the Save a Heart campaign last April – the Heartworm Awareness Month.

Louisiana is among the top states for heartworm infection in animals. Thanks to the Save a Heart campaign, asymptomatic heartworm-positive shelter dogs with a slim chance of surviving in the state are transported to shelter partners in other states, where they get adequate treatment and are put up for adoption when they’re healthy again.

One year after, the Save A Heart campaign has flown over 1,600 shelter dogs for treatment, safety, and adoption, including 500 heartworm-positive dogs who would have been euthanized.

Bruiser, a beagle, is among the dogs that have befitted from the program. The dog was tied up with two other beagles outside rural Louisiana. All 3 dogs were in bad shape, but Bruiser was worse with worn teeth, severe emaciation, and an advanced case of heartworm disease.

Fortunately, somebody noticed them and called Iberville Parish Animal Control. The shelter visited the area and rescued them.

At the shelter, Bruiser got medications thanks to the Save a Heart program which also supplies participating shelters with necessary medications. When Bruiser was healthy enough, he and his sister were transported to Florida, where they quickly found forever homes.

Image Credit: Greater Good

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