Dogs Knock Down Christmas Tree For Blocking Their Preferred View!

Dogs Knock Down Christmas Tree For Blocking Their Preferred View!

If you have rescue dogs, you’ll know two facts about them: they are full of love, and they can be very demanding!

For the Grandmaison family, this was par for the course, and they were happy to shower pups, Jake and Rosie, with all the love they needed. But they could get a little rowdy!

The Grandmaison home has two front windows overlooking the footpath outside, and Jake and Rosie love watching the world go by through the two windows. As the holidays neared, Michelle put up the Christmas tree and decorated it lavishly, as per tradition. And, as per tradition, she placed the Christmas tree in the front window where all the neighbors passing by would be able to share in the festive cheer.

But this was Jake and Rosie’s first Christmas with the Grandmaisons. And Michelle had no idea just how much trouble she was about to cause! One morning, just a few days before Christmas, Jake and Rosie were going about their usual doggy business, when a postman came to the door, dropping off some Christmas pressies, no doubt!

Jake and Rosie rushed to their stations at the window to see who was outside, but of course, they found their spot taken… by the tree. The two jostled and fought to find a space beside the tree, where there was just room enough for one. But by the time the second parcel came through the door, the battle was won. And who lost? The tree, of course!

Rosie and Jake, oblivious to tradition, had knocked down the tree and taken up their usual places to watch the postman walk away down the footpath!

Images & Feature Image Source: Michelle Grandmaison

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