Dogs Love Their Toys - But Do You Know Why?

Dogs Love Their Toys - But Do You Know Why?

Our dogs truly love their toys! Be it a chew toy or a plushie, we see them chewing away at their toys all the time. But why do they play with their toys?

Well, it seems that playing with certain types of toys may indicate different reasoning behind it. Here are some ideas as to why:

  • Fetch toys: the love of playing fetch is more inclined to instinct. Even though dogs are our pets, instinctive behavior is still in their DNA.
  • Squeaky toys: if your dog loves pouncing and attacking their squeaky toys, it is most likely also an instinctive response. In the wild, the pouncing of prey would also result in squeaky noises, which is triggering the same response from toys. In addition to this, our loyal canines love attention, and squeaking their toys might be a way of getting a response out of us!
  • Chewy toys: chewing is often a way for our canine companions to release their energy or any frustration. It could also be that the chewy toy is just delicious, and they love the taste.
  • Plushie toys: there are a variety of reasons behind ripping plushies to shreds. The reasoning can be anything from instinct to their personalities, or simply enjoyment!
  • Tug toys: the love of this type of toy is usually because of instinct, or it can be that your dog sees it as an opportunity for bonding time with their favorite human!
  • Puzzle toys: puzzle toys are a great toy for dogs that are bored or left alone for long periods, these toys allow them to pass time and mentally engage in the task ahead!

What is your dog’s favorite toy? Show us a picture in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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