Dog's Mouth Allegedly Glued Shut After Chewing Domino's Pizza Flyer

Each week you get those glossy flyers delivered to your homes, remember? You probably think that the only disadvantage of receiving those flyers is that you’ll be tempted to buy whatever they’re marketing, right? Wrong.

As it turns out, flyers can be more dangerous to your dogs than your pockets. A few years ago, a dog called Alfie learned just how dangerous chewing flyers can be. What happened was that a Domino’s Pizza flyer was delivered to Alfie’s home. Naturally, by seeing pizza on the flyer, Alfie thought it tasted good on paper too, so off he went to chew the flyer.

Minutes later, Alfie was lying on the ground, convulsing and frothing from his glued mouth. His parents thought he was having a seizure so they immediately rushed him to the vet, who performed numerous tests that all came clear. It took the vet five long hours to unglue Alfie’s mouth and he gradually recovered from the incident.

But his parents wanted to find out what led to the incident and so after thorough research, they found out that the glossy paper used in most flyers can react to a dog’s saliva. Apparently, when a dog’s saliva comes in contact with glossy paper, it creates a sticky paste that can glue the dog’s mouth shut.

The chances of this happening to your dog is low, but Alfie’s isn’t the only case, a few more dogs suffered the same consequence after chewing glossy flyers. To avoid this from happening to your dog, please keep them away from anything that isn’t dog-friendly.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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