Dogs Of Twitter Come Together To Celebrate Sugar’s 18th Birthday

Rat terrier, Sugar, relished her recent 18th birthday celebration this past weekend; July the 31st 2020. With many of her dog pals displaying their support and loyalty towards her on Twitter.

Garnering a massive 30,000 interactions on her birthday; her celebration was one you possibly couldn’t miss.

Born in 2002 in a Universal Kennel Club-registered litter; Sugar experienced the pain of rejection by her breeder after discovering that she was born deaf. However, finding her dad subsided the pain; allowing her to experience an enchanting array of adventures across Nevada with him. Of course, never leaving her Twitter community out of the loop she avidly posts about her and her dad’s close bond; explaining that even though she is deaf he treats her like a regular pup – even talking to her constantly.

Roughly around 104 in dog years, Sugar has enjoyed a long life and she was celebrated by many other celebrities of Dog Twitter, such as; WeRateDogs and I’ve Pet That Dog who showered her in revels on their timelines. But that’s not all; with the assistance of Photoshop, Sugar had the pleasure of enjoying a virtual Twitter trip to Wales where she took part in thrilling activities, such as; learning how to surf, going sightseeing, and staying at a pristine spa; what a treat!

Best of all, her dad got half the day off; allowing them to spend more time together. The rest of the day was filled with excitement and she got to seal the day in a car ride with dad!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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