Dog's Reaction After Seeing Photo Of Her Friend Who Passed Away Is Too Sweet For Words

Dog's Reaction After Seeing Photo Of Her Friend Who Passed Away Is Too Sweet For Words

Dogs also lose friends, and they are also hurt by those losses just as much as humans are. But just because they are dogs, it doesn’t mean they will just move one from that loss.

And you can always find ways to keep a dog’s memory alive so that all their friends can remember them. Even though Lacy was ten-year-old, it wasn’t too late for her to find her to meet her best friend. She met a beagle puppy, and at first, she wasn’t thrilled about having to share her space with Lola.

Lacy would always growl at the puppy, trying to make her go away, but Lola was determined to be patient with the elderly dog. From the beginning, Lola was in love with the older dog. She followed her everywhere and looked up to her. And her persistence eventually warmed up Lacy, who decided to give Lola a chance.

And from that day, they became inseparable. And they were friends for four years when Lacy’s health started to decline. But Lola didn’t leave Lacy’s side even though it was hard. She always looked out for her older sister and tried to comfort her as best as she could. Unfortunately, Lola wasn’t there when Lacy passed away. And it wasn’t long before she figured that Lacy wasn’t coming back home.

Her parents bought a memorial picture of Lacy, which immediately caught Lola’s attention. She was so happy when she saw the picture. Lola knew that was a picture of her best friend. And when her mom asked her if she knows where Lacy is, Lola ran to the picture and put her nose to it.

Even though Lola knows that Lacy is never coming back, she will always have the picture to remember her by.

Image Credit: Alli Trent

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