Don't Let This Toxic Food Substance Get Into Your Dog's Stomach

Don't Let This Toxic Food Substance Get Into Your Dog's Stomach

If you buy your pup canned food, it may be time to opt for other packaging options. Why? Well, you’ve probably heard of BPA – known scientifically as Bisphenol A – which is a chemical used to harden plastic.

It’s been banned from use of baby bottles, and hundreds of studies have linked the chemical to a wide variety of human diseases and health problems.

Researchers at the University of Missouri found recently that cans of dog food have traces of BPA in their lining. Uh oh! A study was conducted where for two weeks, healthy pups who were volunteered by local owners were fed two varieties of popular canned foods, one of which contained BPA while the other did not. After two weeks, it was found that all the pups had an increased BPA content in their blood; it had gone up nearly three times! This happened to all pups, regardless of which canned food they ate.

What does this mean? Basically, it’s possible that BPA reduces the amount of bacteria in a pup’s system that can break down the BPA, resulting in a higher amount of its content in their bloodstream. It’s definitely something to be concerned about, as many studies have suggested that human and pup health issues are closely related, meaning that if we suffer adverse effects from BPA exposure, our pups probably will too.

Keep your pups safe from the bad effects of BPA, and try to ditch canned food and go for food packed in better ways. Do like and share this information so other pup parents can see it!

Feature Image Source: Flickr / Clean Wal-Mart

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