Due To Strong Winds, Weather Service Issues A "Small Dog Warning"

Due To Strong Winds, Weather Service Issues A "Small Dog Warning"

With climate change working overtime, the world is experiencing a lot of weird, unusual weather.

The United States is definitely not an exception to that situation, and with high levels of rain in typically dry places, freezing cold spells, and plenty of other odd weather conditions, there is the need for increasing bizarre weather advisories!

The National Weather Service, or NWS, branch in Cleveland recently issued an adorable yet strange advisory known as a small dog warning. This warning went out to those living in the northwest region of Pennsylvania, as well as the northern areas of Ohio.

In those locations, it was expected that winds would hit a staggering 50 mph speed over Tuesday and Wednesday, which is an extremely fast and powerful speed. While we humans may be able to brace ourselves against it, small pups just might not be able to stand it without getting blown away – literally!

So the NWS decided to warn everyone about this danger with silly illustrations. Not only did they warn about the potential for falling trees or the occasional, unfortunate power outage, they also mentioned that little pups might be in danger of following Toto somewhere over the rainbow.

Of course, it wasn’t long before people caught wind of the cute and unusual weather advisory. It slowly began to circulate around social media, with lots of jokes being told. Some made Wizard of Oz jokes, some wondered about their other small pets, like cats and bunnies, and some couldn’t help sharing pictures and videos of their own little dogs trying to deal with the ever increasing wind.

Though this is an amusing advisory, it’s important to note that you should always take your pups into consideration when it comes to difficult weather!

Feature Image Source: Givon Wayne Gilliam / Twitter

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