During Family Photoshoot, Only The Dog Behaves! What A Good Boy!

During Family Photoshoot, Only The Dog Behaves! What A Good Boy!

When Ruger joined the Figueroa family, Molly knew he would be the perfect fit. Ever since Ruger was adopted, he has gotten along with his siblings so well.

Molly says that he has a special bond with each of her kids, in different ways but in the same depth. He has always been one of the kids, and they all love him. When they are all cuddling and playing Molly loves to snap a few pictures and loves how they turn out. Because of this, she decided to have a photoshoot for her three children and Ruger.

Her kids hate posing and Ruger will always avoid eye contact with a camera, which was something Molly was worried about while going into it. One day, when the kids were all dressed up for photos, Ruger decided to finally be on his mom’s side, and sit still.

While the kids were running wild and avoiding eye contact with the camera, Ruger sat perfectly still and posted for the camera. Molly thinks he actually smiled. After zooming in on the picture, Molly was surprised to find that she was correct, Ruger was more behaved than her kids and posed for the picture.

A few days later, Molly tried again and got great photos of her perfect little family. Ruger was all smiles, and so were her children.

The reason for this might have solely been because Molly had bribed them with treats and sweets, but nonetheless, the photoshoot is one she will always remember.

Images Source: Joyful Times Photos

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