English Bulldog Meets Kitten For The First Time!

English Bulldog Meets Kitten For The First Time!

We’ve all heard the stories of cats and dogs not getting together – just think about the cartoon characters – Sylvester the cat and Hector the bulldog. They are always at odds but in real life, cats and dogs get along more than TV would lead you to believe – especially when one of the two are introduced while they’re young.

Take Bernie the bulldog, for example. He’s a big fan of kittens – especially this little feline his parents brought home for him! Love at first sight is a rare thing that occurs, as most people would label this as fascination. But these two animals from different sides of the track decide to put everyone in their place and prove them wrong!

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Watch the video below to see Bernie’s reaction to the little kitten!

Feature Image Source: katievun

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