English Bulldog Puppy Learning From His Kind How To Be Tough!

English Bulldog Puppy Learning From His Kind How To Be Tough!

This English bulldog puppy is learning how to be tough and who’s going to teach him better than his very own big brother? Yep, look at this!

The big brother is Ricky and the small puppy is Thor and Thor is learning how to look and be tough from his big brother! Let me say that this is a very special video! it’s an old one, of course and Thor has become a grown pup now, but these memories shall always be precious!

But the one major concern for many pet parents is introductions – how to introduce a puppy to an older fur ball. According to Kate from the BulldogBreeds, “A few tips to make your house a calm house with 2 dogs – never leave toys laying around the house, only give them to the dogs when you are playing with them, that leaves them nothing to fight over…same goes with bones and chews. If you would like to give them bones or chews, have them in separate rooms or put them in their crates while they chew them. Feed separately so they don’t feel they need to fight for their food. Never let them play or be together unsupervised for a while if at all.”

According to Kate, if you follow this your fur balls will be the best of friends! Now take a look at these two trying to be tough on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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