Even COVID-19 Can't Stop This Therapy Dog From Healing People!

The novel coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has put a halt to many of our daily activities. The world has pretty much been on a lockdown, where many services have been placed on hold.

We have found ourselves having to work from home and our movement has been heavily restricted. Many of us have feared to lose our jobs in the foreseeable future, but what about our service dogs? Can they still work? Or do they also stand the risk of losing their jobs too? One special service dog in Toronto has proven that nothing will prevent him from doing his best during these uncertain times.

Service dog Coogee, an Australian labradoodle, works in a ward for the elderly. Providing companionship and affection, she plays an important role in the healing process for many elderly patients. However, during the outbreak of the coronavirus, her job was severely limited. Coogee was no longer permitted to go into the wards, in the fear and uncertainty of the spread of the virus.

Especially because the elderly is one of the most vulnerable groups to the virus. Coogee, however, was determined to keep spreading the love. Now working through an iPad, Coogee still visits her patients and receives many virtually blown kisses.

In the face of what seemed an impossible service to deliver, Coogee has found a way to still comfort those most in need. These virtual visits still provide services to patients and Coogee’s unconditional love continues to infiltrate many lives. What a remarkable pooch indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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