Ever Wondered Why Our Dogs Hump Everything?!

Ever Wondered Why Our Dogs Hump Everything?!

For most dog parents, seeing your dog humping just about everything in sight is a sure way to gain embarrassment. Whether he or she is humping pillows, other people’s legs, another dog, or even a house guest, it’s not always for the reasons we first assume.

Of course, it feels awkward at first, but recently doctors have spoken out more about this activity. Doctors are now saying that if your dog is humping just about everything, it could mean that they are behaviorally aroused for any reason and do not have to be in a sexual way. To be honest, your dog could be in a completely non-sexual situation while playing with his or her own toys and immediately begin to hump them.

Yes, it can be associated with sexual behaviors but in many cases, it’s more about showing high energy. Additionally, male unneutered dogs aren’t the only ones that carry out this action, and can actually occur with both males and females. In many cases, humping is simply an act to release extra energy and can happen if your pups are excited, frustrated, or even bored.

Even though this isn’t an action to be embarrassed or worried about, sometimes it can cause issues. If your dog humps so often that it is irritating to their skin or causes rashes, then there needs to be another way for him or her to release the pent up energy. By simply playing a bit more, chasing balls, going for more walks, and other activities that your dog can use to run around is ideal.

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