Every Single Night, These Shelter Workers Say Goodnight To Each Resident Dog!

Every Single Night, These Shelter Workers Say Goodnight To Each Resident Dog!

Many animal shelters are known to have countless dogs or cats, making it very hard to give attention to every single one. At the Always and Forever Animal Shelter in the Midwest, a staff member makes sure that this isn’t the case.

Here, there is a place called the “Little Red Barn” where all types of pets can come and play, making it feel like they are playing around in their own backyard. Many times, the dogs and cats that get sent to this sanctuary are coming from overcrowded shelters and wish to have a relaxing environment where they get countless love and affection.

Staff says that this communal area is meant to replicate a home environment, allowing dogs to live stress-free. The staff here all agree that having a home-like environment will help these dogs with a possible adoption transition if they are lucky enough to find a family.

Additionally, this area has a kitchen, laundry room, and four other fenced play areas with grass and toys for the dogs to play in. There are also areas for relaxing, perfect for dogs that wish to spend some time in quiet areas. Miranda, a staff member here at this shelter, goes above and beyond to make sure that all dogs here feel like they are at home. Each night, she and the staff go around and tuck each dog in, kiss them, and remind them that they are loved.

Their routine varies each night, but no matter how long it takes, they make sure that each dog gets the attention they deserve.

Images Source: Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary

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