Every Time The Baby Cries, This Dog Knows Exactly What To Bring!

Every Time The Baby Cries, This Dog Knows Exactly What To Bring!

Bringing a child into a home that has a dog can be a nerve-wracking action. When Liz and her husband brought their new baby home from the hospital, it was unclear as to how their dog would react.

Their dog, a 10-year-old pit bull named Remus, had never been around children before and was always used to being their main point of attention.

Six years ago, Liz and her husband adopted Remus from a humane society and found out that he was previously used for dogfighting. After being adopted by two other families and said to be “too clingy” he was taken on by Liz, which turned out to be the best decision for her and her family.

She said that it took around four months before Remus was settled in, and has since then, transformed into a loving and sweet addition to their family. Prior to bringing the new baby into their home, Liz and her husband were curious as to how he would react. He is a very large dog, but when he first saw the new baby, he was incredibly careful with her. Before their eyes, Remus fell in love with his new sister and does whatever he can to make her feel better when she is crying.

Recently, Liz realized that whenever there is something wrong with the new baby, Remus knows exactly what to do. Now, when the baby is crying, Remus will grab her favorite blanket and bring it over.

Or, if she is breastfeeding, Remus will take over a pillow to help with the mess.

Liz says that it seems Remus is taking on the role of caretaker, which is exactly what the family had hoped for.

Images Source: Liz Graffagnino Taft

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