Everyone Who Comes Across These Dogs Want A Picture With Them!

Everyone Who Comes Across These Dogs Want A Picture With Them!

When we see our friends or family members in danger that they are not aware of, we spring into action to try to stop them from being hurt. Whether it is something as small as a hot plate, or preventing a fall, we will do what we can to prevent any harm.

Just as we do this, many dogs do the same for their friends and family. Bonnie, Bella, and Bolt are three Australian Cattle Dogs who have formed a tight pack and have shown acts of heroism like none before.

These three musketeers are commonly seen as the Cattle Dogs wearing goggles to prevent their eyes from UV damage. Providing entertainment to those passing by and social media alike. Behind this trio is a heart-warming bond never to be broken. All three of them were adopted by dad, Time. The three have one thing in common: they all come from difficult backgrounds. Bonnie, who is three, has had her life saved by her pack once before.

One warm day, the three musketeers were venturing about on a hike. Bonnie was sniffing an area when the other two Cattles suddenly barked and sprung upon her. As it turns out, there was a coyote only mere meters away, ready to attack. Due to Bonnie’s deafness, she had no idea what was happening. Thankfully, none of them were hurt and the other two had saved her life. Bella and Bolt act as Bonnie’s ears and the pack continue their adventures on a daily basis. The bond within this pack is one that will never be broken!

Images & Feature Image Source: Tim Livesey

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