Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Dog Spaghetti

Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Dog Spaghetti

If spaghetti is among your favorite pasta, you may wonder whether sharing some with your dog is a great idea. This article covers everything you need to know regarding dogs and spaghetti.

Spaghetti is a nice meal to add variety to your dog’s diet. However, it does not provide much nutritional value since it is only made with flour and water. Generally, pasta doesn’t contain many nutrients aside from starchy carbohydrates that are a good energy source.

While spaghetti is safe for dogs to eat, they shouldn’t eat it frequently, and whenever they do, it should be served plain. Raw spaghetti is bad for dogs, as it can swell when mixed with the moisture in their stomach, causing them to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

If your dog accidentally eats spaghetti with sauce, there is likely no problem if they eat only a little. In a situation where they eat a lot and the sauce contains ingredients that are harmful to them, such as onions or garlic, you should call your veterinarian immediately for advice.

In a nutshell, there is nothing wrong with feeding your dog spaghetti. However, you should only serve it plain and occasionally. Since most spaghetti is made from flour, water, and possibly egg, eating it plain is unlikely to cause harm. Spaghetti becomes potentially dangerous for dogs only when you add sauce to it. That is because some of the ingredients in the sauce may be toxic for dogs.

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