Exclusive Interview With Bayer Animal Health's Dr. Jennifer Schofield Regarding Summer And Pups - Part 1

Exclusive Interview With Bayer Animal Health's Dr. Jennifer Schofield Regarding Summer And Pups - Part 1

Summer heat can really take a toll on a pup. If humans consider it hot, imagine what it’s like for a pup covered in a coat of fur?

It’s important that fur balls stay happy and healthy during this season so they can fully enjoy it without worry. They need to be kept cool! To help with that, we asked a vet about tips to help pups beat the heat. Here’s what we found out! Not all pups handle heat the same ways. Short-nosed breeds such as bulldogs, pugs, and boxers are more susceptible to heat as a result of their anatomy.

It goes without saying that fur balls with thick or long fur coats may also experience heat at a magnified rate due to their dense coats. Older pups who have cardiac or respiratory trouble or a systemic illness should also be carefully watched.

With that being said, all fur balls need to be kept cool in the scorching weather. There are many ways to do this; here are some of them!

1. Make sure that your pup always has a full bowl of fresh water. Refill his water bowl regularly and bring along a water bottle during walks.

Dr. Jennifer Schofield from Bayer Animal Health quoted, “Access to shade and unlimited fresh water are critical. Limit running and play to cooler hours of the day. Even walking can result in excessive heat exposure when temperatures are high. Consider indoor activities instead.

She continued to state, “A summer haircut may be an option for dogs with thick coats; however, do not shave to the skin as dogs can experience sunburn. Your dog may enjoy a wading pool or sprinkler on less extreme summer days.”

2. Outdoor exercise – including walks – and playtime should take place during early mornings and late evenings; in other words, during cooler hours. Switch outdoor activities for indoor fun instead!

Lesson learned? We should consider giving pups with thick coats a haircut during the summer. Don’t completely shave them, though, as according to Dr. Schofield this can lead to sunburn! You can use pup-friendly sunscreen on a fur ball with very short fur to counteract any adverse effects of the sun.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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