Extremely Polite Dog Won't Ask Cat Sister To Leave His Bed!

Extremely Polite Dog Won't Ask Cat Sister To Leave His Bed!

If you were to describe Cash using one word then it would be ‘gentleman.’ Ever since Cash was rescued 11 years ago, he has been nothing less than polite.

A few years ago, Cash’s family adopted a kitten named Gertrude and she fell in love with Cash immediately she was introduced to him. She started following him everywhere doing everything he did and in turn, Cash made sure that Gertrude was always happy and protected.

Gertrude sits like a dog, begs like a dog, and won’t let Cash go out for his morning pee without her. It’s, therefore, not surprising that the cat also enjoys napping on Cash’s bed. And the dog being the gentleman he is, can never forcefully remove Gertrude from the bed. He has to enlist the help of his mom.

“Cash is the purest of hearts. He is known by all as a little gentleman. He will sit tight for small children who want an extended hug, and he asks for permission to sit on any couch, even though he’s been allowed for his entire life.” Novi Scott, Cash’s mom says. “He is the kind of dog who wouldn’t eat a steak on the floor unless I said it’s OK.”

It was during one of these moments that Scott captured Cash as he begged her to help him get Gertrude off his bed.

“Any night that she (Gertrude) is in there he will come for my help. He will just be staring at me until I clue in as to why and come assist in the removal of his sister,” Scott says.

It’s really amazing to see a cat and dog have such a harmonious existence when the world is always pitting them up as rivals.

Images & Feature Image Source: Novi Scott

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