Faithful German Shepherd Retired After 10 Years of Faithful Service

Faithful German Shepherd Retired After 10 Years of Faithful Service

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a unit named K9 that trains dogs to track criminals who attempt to break fishing and gaming laws.

These dogs are faithful and diligent, and their efforts have gone a long way towards the preservation of Minnesota’s natural resources. For 10 years, Scott Staples, a conservation officer in Carlton Minnesota, worked with Schody, a friendly German shepherd from Eastern Europe.

Schody is very special, and since he was Staple’s constant companion, the two developed a close bond. Sadly, after serving faithfully for 10 years, Schody developed a disease and was retired on 31st December 2020.

Says Staples:

“Schody is very fortunate to go to 10 years – he really is – but he’s starting to suffer from a disease right now and it’s time for him to retire and just be a house dog, although he hates it probably just as much as I do’’

There are 6 K9 teams in Minnesota. The dogs and their handlers undergo intensive training which is on-going. The dogs learn how to sniff and locate spent ammunition and locate firearms. They are also schooled in tracking fish and game hidden in trailers, boats, and other vehicles.

The coordinator of the K9 unit is Lt. Phil Mohs, and in February he and Staples will begin training with new dogs. Schody however, will stay at home where he lives with Staples and his family. Staples intends to allow Schody to tag along once in a while so that he can feel that he is still in charge.

Images & Feature Image Source: DL-Online

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