Faithful Pups Wait Outside The Hospital For Their Dad To Get Better

Faithful Pups Wait Outside The Hospital For Their Dad To Get Better

Although homeless, Luiz of Cianorte, Brazil, was far from without a family. When he had a stroke and had to be taken to the Santa Casa Hospital, staff and onlookers were shocked to see that the ambulance was accompanied by a surprising entourage: a pack of dogs!

Luiz lived with six pups, who he shared everything he had with. For 20 years, Luiz has lived on the streets with them and become a familiar fixture of the city – a man with his six dogs. Luiz does have human family, too, and they have all attempted to get him off the street and into their homes before, but Luiz has refused each offer. He would rather spend his days on the streets with his pups!

The ambulance drove Luiz for miles to arrive at its destination. The entire time, the pups chased it down, unceasing and never stopping to rest. As they arrived in front of the hospital doors, they were panting and exhausted. When Luiz was taken into the building, the pups lay down by the entrance and cried, whining for their Dad.

NGO animal welfare group Amigos de Patas Cianorte sent over some volunteers to carefully look after the pups as they performed their vigil. They gave them food and water and took touching photos of the pups waiting all through the night.

With morning came Luiz’s release, but he was taken out through a different door of the hospital and had to go to his brother’s home to recover. This meant the pups thought he was still inside and refused to leave. A volunteer from Amigos de Patas Cianorte came to call on Luiz where he was staying so that he could come and show his pup family that he was okay!

Knowing he was safe, the dogs were finally able to stop their vigil and follow their Dad, wherever he may go. These pups are more than just loyal – they love unconditionally!

Images & Feature Image Source: Amigos de Patas Cianorte

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