Family Abandons Pup Who Then Finds Refuge In The Dirt Before Being Rescued

Family Abandons Pup Who Then Finds Refuge In The Dirt Before Being Rescued

For many, many months, Larry the 8-year-old yellow Labrador lived in a parking lot. He survived solely on the kindness of the people around him, mainly truckers who drove by the landscaping business where he took up residence.

Larry had been left behind by his former family, and a driver doing her rounds eventually decided to help bring attention to his plight. She did so by creating an Instagram profile for him and uploading pictures of him.

This helped news about him spread, and soon the president of Love Leo Rescue, Sasha Abelson, caught wind of it. She said her rescue would help him if people could get Larry over to Los Angeles. Through volunteer effort, Larry was successfully brought over.

The pup was in bad shape. He was missing fur, couldn’t walk very well, and had a bloated stomach. He was also visibly uncomfortable and very grumpy and lethargic. A vet visit revealed that he has Cushing’s disease, a result of a benign tumor that was growing on his pituitary gland.

Larry needed to stay at the vet clinic for one and a half months. He was visibly depressed and often reacted negatively and aggressively to other dogs. But then, the bloating in his belly began to die down, and his personality completely flipped over.

Suddenly, Larry loved spending time with other pups. He became happier and more outgoing. When he was placed in a doggy day care facility, he spent a lot of time making friends and being outside. There’s nothing he hates more than being alone, likely as a result of his family’s abandonment of him.

Larry is now on monthly medication, and he’s been ready for adoption for a while. Unfortunately, he’s been adopted three times so far, but sent back each time due to repeated bad luck. Love Leo Rescue hopes that he’ll finally find his forever home soon.

Larry enjoys walks, is very forgiving and sweet, and is affectionate without being pushy. He’d love to come home with a family in the LA or Orange County area! If you’d like to adopt Larry, reach out to Love Leo Rescue here.

Feature Image Source: Love Leo Rescue

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