Family Adopts Stray Dog Who Had Been Rejected by Everybody Else

Family Adopts Stray Dog Who Had Been Rejected by Everybody Else

Jayme Harley had been considering taking in another dog for a while but her boyfriend wasn’t too enthused by the idea. But one morning all that changed. She was woken up by a message notification and upon checking, it was from Aaron Peters, her boyfriend.

He had sent her a picture of a dejected-looking dog at a nearby gas station accompanied by a simple message. “Go get him.”

That was all Harley needed and didn’t waste any time to get to the gas station. She offered the Pit Bull some water and upon asking around, she learned that he had been abandoned.

“No one would take him in because he was a pit bull. That broke my heart because it should not matter what breed he is. All he wanted was somebody to love him,’ Harley says.

That’s when she made the decision to take him home with her. Would you believe it?! Before Harley even pulled out of the gas station, the Pit Bull was sleeping and snoring in the backseat.

She was right. All he needed was someone to take care of him and he trusted her to do it. Her first stop was to the vet where they scanned the dog for a microchip. He didn’t have one. The vet also determined that apart from mange, the dog was perfectly healthy.

Now it was time to introduce the dog to the whole family. Harley was a little worried they won’t get along with her other dog but to her surprise, they acted like long lost friends.

“They just started loving on each other, and they have since been best friends. They sleep together. They do everything together,” Harley says.

Rufus, as they named the dog, didn’t have trouble bonding with Harley’s cat, kids, and boyfriend either. It’s like it was all meant to be.

Rufus was the final piece to this small and happy family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Jayme Harley

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