Family Over The Moon After Being Reunited With Dog Who Went Missing For 6 Months!

Both we and our canine companions can often overcome just about anything life has to throw our way. We make it through the most intense scenarios and traumas unimaginable.

One family in Otsego, Minnesota has overcome a series of events that will most likely change their lives forever. The Saarela family of Minnesota faced the terrifying experience of watching their house burn down in a tragic fire. Thankfully, the family and their four-legged family member managed to get out in time, and nobody was seriously hurt.

Due to the state of the house and the temporary place the family was staying, the Saarelas had to let their dog Rosie stay with a family member in Brooklyn Park. A few weeks after the fire, Rosie had managed to get out of the yard in Brooklyn Park and was nowhere to be found. The family was determined to find her and made sure to notify everybody they could.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, but still, no Rosie to be found. The Saarelas grew more and more worried by the day, hoping Rosie had found refuge in someplace and would eventually turn up. About six months later, the family got a phone call from the Retrievers animal rescue about ten miles away from the household. They were sure they had caught Rosie on one of their camera traps. Low and behold, it was indeed Rosie.

She was reunited with her family in no time and is now in good health. The story of Rosie is so rewarding and a reminder to never lose hope, no matter what!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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