Family Stops Chewing Gum Forever After Their Dog Nearly Died

Family Stops Chewing Gum Forever After Their Dog Nearly Died

Many of us love chewing gum. For some of us, we enjoy the feeling of freshness we get in our mouths, and for others, the chewing motion provides a sense of stress relief.

In recent years, chewing gum has been synonymous with having a negative effect on the health of our teeth. Numerous research results blamed the effect of sugar as the culprit. Because of this, most gum companies offer sugar-free gum. Instead of using our normal sugars, these sorts of gum use sugars such as xylitol.

Although xylitol is a healthy alternative for humans, it has the opposite effect on our dogs. In fact, xylitol is toxic and potentially fatal for our canine companions. A family in Colorado, unfortunately, were the recent victims of the effects of xylitol on their beloved household dog. This family’s two-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Orca, recently ate an entire pack of chewing gum. The family noticed that Orca was becoming increasingly ill and started vomiting.

It was then that they knew something was wrong! The family took Orca to the vet’s emergency clinic and were told Orca only had hours to live. Thankfully, this strong-willed dog managed to pull through and survive the situation. The family quickly learned how toxic xylitol is, and genuinely had no idea about the toxicity of it before this incident took place. It turns out, xylitol has a severe impact on a dog’s liver, and keeping it away from your dog will probably end up being a lifesaving move!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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