Family Surprise Heartbroken Grandma With A New Best Friend!

Family Surprise Heartbroken Grandma With A New Best Friend!

Matthew McVey was heartbroken to see his grandmother Shirley’s grieving and sadness when her previous pup, Kinsey, passed away.

According to McVey, Kinsey was the only thing in the world that truly made Shirley happy, and her life became empty without the pup.

Kinsey and Shirley had spent a long 14 years together and grew especially close beginning 2011, which is when Shirley’s husband passed on. Having her best friend and companion pass away, too, was an extremely upsetting experience for Shirley, who called Kinsey her personal little shadow.

Naturally, Shirley’s family wanted to help her heal. So one day, McVey’s sisters and mother took a trip to their local ASPCA nearby and browsed the dogs. They stumbled upon Sammy, a sweet elderly pup who they immediately knew would be absolutely perfect for Shirley – so they adopted him.

At the time, Shirley was in a rehab center, recovering from a recent trip to the hospital. McVey’s mother dropped in with Sammy and decided it was the perfect time to introduce the two. Shirley was in complete shock!

Shirley was thrilled to have a new best friend in her life, and she simply couldn’t stop the tears of joy from trailing down her face. Now she has a very special pup back in her life, and Sammy has the forever home that he’s always deserved!

Sammy will be staying with McVey and his family until Shirley is able to come home. Although no one could ever replace Kinsey, Shirley can now treasure her memories with Kinsey and make new ones with Sammy.

Images & Feature Image Source: Matthew McVey

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