Finally, Wylie Found Himself A Loving Home

Finally, Wylie Found Himself A Loving Home

Dog parents sometimes meet their dogs in the most unpredictable way. This couple, Mikayla Sengle and Anthony Noto had no intention of becoming dog parents, but last month the most incredible thing happened.

Noto was on his way home from work last month when he passed a dog park. There, a white and brown pittie sat all by himself and seemed alone. When he went over to the dog, he saw that he had no collar and looked beaten up. Though he was lost, he seemed to be on a mission. It was to be accepted. Thankfully, he was.

Noto made sure he checked the area for the dog’s parents. He put a loose rope around his neck as a leash, and after an exhaustive search, no one was able to identify the dog. So, Noto took him home.

The puppy was well-behaved and seemed relieved to finally be in a home. He was very polite and sought permission to do everything. He waited until he got the go-ahead to lick people, and when he got home and saw the yard, he was happy. Finally, he was able to run free and have fun. That night, he slept with his new parents, as if he was making sure they weren’t going to leave. The next day, Sengle posted the dog on social media and received the most horrific response.

She was told by a young girl that the dog belonged to her friend. The friend abandoned him because she found him annoying. The girl begged them not to reach out to her friend because they mistreated the dog frequently.

They decided to wait for a week, but no one came for Wylie, the pittie. They decided to be his parents right then and there. The bond between Noto and Wylie is unbreakable, and Sengle has a great relationship with him as well. It was as if they were meant to be, and now, they’ll be together forever.

Images Credit: Mikayla Sengle

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