Find Out How This Family Keeps Track Of Their Tiny Dogs

Find Out How This Family Keeps Track Of Their Tiny Dogs

There’s a thing with tiny dogs where they act like they’re bigger than they really are. Ricky Ray is one of those dogs. He’s very feisty and protective of his family. He simply has to be near them at all times.

Although he’s like 4 pounds, he’ll charge at any dog that gets close to his mom, but he gets shy around strangers. But don’t get it twisted, he’s a very loving and cuddly dog around his family.

Just recently, the family and a few friends were away on vacation in a small house to celebrate some birthdays together. It was a new environment, so there was concern about losing track of Ricky Ray and their other Chihuahua, Petrie who was also a part of the family.

Though the property was gated with these huge iron gates, the gaps between them were large enough for the small dogs to squeeze through. They had to come up with a solution quickly to prevent them from getting lost. So, they planned to put balloons around Ricky Ray and Petri so they could see the dogs wherever they went. And, it worked. All they had to do was look out for the bobbing balloons.

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Tucker shared that this is a great idea for dogs that wander, especially at parties and for older people and kids who might step on them. The best part is that the Chihuahuas barely noticed the balloons and didn’t try to take them off so the plan completely worked.

Image Credit: Layla Tucker

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