Firefighter Swims In Icy Waters To Save A Chihuahua From Drowning

Firefighter Swims In Icy Waters To Save A Chihuahua From Drowning

Firefighters are commonly known to rescue people from fires and other dangers. However, they also come to the aid of anything under the sun, including cats stuck in trees, birds trapped in walls, etc.

Matthew Dey of South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES), which serves the townships of South Haven, Casco, and Geneva, was recently honored as Firefighter of the Year for excellence in service and professional commitment.

SHAES got a call before 2 pm one day amount an emergency at the back of the Church of Latter-day Saints on 73 1/2 Street in South Haven Township. The caller had seen a chihuahua on the icy pond and was afraid she might fall in and drown or die of hypothermia.

Dey responded to the emergency quickly, boarding Rescue One and donning a cold water rescue suit while going to the location. He got inside the water and swam toward the dog on getting there. Dey had almost reached the Chihuahua when the thin ice under the dog broke, and she fell into the water. Acting quickly, Dey grabbed the dog and got her to shore and then to a veterinary clinic.

When the dog’s parents learned about the rescue, they were elated. The dog, Sasha – a 12-year-old chihuahua, had been missing for days, and they had been looking everywhere for her. Thanks to Dey’s commitment and service, Sasha is doing well.

Image Credit: South Haven Area Emergency Services

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