Firefighters Battling Fires In Northern California Get Comfort From Therapy Dog

Firefighters Battling Fires In Northern California Get Comfort From Therapy Dog

In yet another incidence that will cement 2020 as the worst year of the decade, firefighters are fighting off a wildfire in Northern California that’s been raging for the past week.

The fire was caused by heatwaves and lightning strikes and is responsible for the destruction of acres of land in the Golden State. But, the firefighters are relentless. You can see the determination on their ash ridden faces. And one of the things fueling this determination is none other than a two-year-old golden retriever named Kerith. The firefighters love having them over on their morning briefs before they head over to fight the monster flames.

“She brings levity and a sense of playfulness even though they know the task of the day will be challenging,” Heidi Carmen who is Kerith’s human tells CNN. She then adds, “Kerith helps them feel less overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotionally depleted.” Kerith has a kind of energy on her that is contagious. Coincidentally, too much energy was the reason she couldn’t be a guide for the blind which is what she was trained to do.

But, instead of seeing her as a failure, Heidi’s family adopted her. Later, Kerith became a certified comfort dog and it was during one of her rounds at the local hospital that her affection for firefighters developed. The rest, as they say, is history. Kerith cannot be with the firefighters at the scene due to the dangers involved. So, as a way of ensuring they always have Kerith’s spirit with them, Carmen gives all the firefighters a card with Kerith’s picture to take with them. And that the story of Kerith the golden retriever and her contribution to the golden state.

Feature Image & Images Source: Heidi Carmen

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