Five-Year-Old Dog Protects Younger Brother From Snake Attack

Five-Year-Old Dog Protects Younger Brother From Snake Attack

The snakes have come out to play in Australia, but unfortunately, they’re not very good playmates. Five-year-old Milly, a Staffordshire Terrier, can testify to this as she bravely fended off a snake that wanted to attack her younger brother.

Her younger brother is Tonka and he is a five-month-old Staffordshire Terrier; the two pups have a tight bond which was demonstrated through Milly’s courage. Tonka and Milly are from Ipswich, Australia which is a region with warm weather. As spring was rolling out their mother, Madeline Mills, put out a warning to their neighbors on Facebook regarding the onset of snakes coming out of brumation.

This warning came along with the heartbreaking news that Milly was bitten by a Brown snake that was aimed at attacking her little brother. She was rushed to the veterinarian where it was discovered that she suffered bites on her legs and neck. Her mother, who is also a paramedic, commented on her experiences with Brown snake bites saying that they were terrifying on people, but it was even more so now that one of the pup’s got attacked.

After the vet cleared Tonka of any injuries, he had to leave his sister behind so that she could be inspected for organ failure as a result of the venom. The two are extremely close, so the separation wasn’t going to be easy for them. This unfortunate incident is a reminder to dog parents to be cautious of threatening wildlife. Tiger and Brown snakes are responsible for most snake bites in dogs.

Tiger snake bites are much more severe than Brown snake bites, nonetheless, if your dog has been bitten by a snake it’s important to keep them calm and to see a vet immediately.

Image Source: Madeline Mills / Facebook

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