Fluffy German Shepherd Puppy Discovers The Squeaky Toy!

Fluffy German Shepherd Puppy Discovers The Squeaky Toy!

This adorable German shepherd pup just discovered the magic of his new fluffy squeaky toy! Now that he has it in his mouth, he’s not willing to let go until he’s heard some quality squeaks!

When a fur ball discovers a squeaky toy for the first time, the reaction is almost too epic! Firstly they get super confused as to where the sound came from and then when they realize that it’s connected to their toy, they just can’t get enough! But have you ever wondered whether squeaky toys are good for your fur ball?

According to Veterinarian Marty Becker, “Squeaky toys — latex toys with bells or noise makers inside — are not bad if you supervise the dog when he is playing with it, but do not leave the dog alone with them, Becker said. The dog will chew the toy and attack it in efforts to get the squeaker out, and if they are successful, they could swallow those noisemakers. If you supervise the dog, you will know when they are at this point.”

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Take a look at this awesome video below and see just how excited this pup is when he realizes that his toys can speak..er squeak! Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends too!

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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